Running Your Own Business: Lily Dawson Shares Her Top 5 Misconceptions

It's time for more business insight from the most inspiring business successes around in the second installation of our #BizBomb video series!

You guys are in for a treat. Lily Dawson is one of my fave people, and definitely one of my fave makers. She has some incredible insight on what it has been like to grow a business from a humble hobby to a thriving e-commerce company. 

Lily's the bosswoman and skilled maker behind Lily Dawson Designs, her handmade jewelry business based out of Columbia, Missouri (just like Hoot). We partnered up with Lily to create the brand and marketing materials for Lily Dawson Designs years ago, and since then it's been a blast to continue to grow the brand with marketing materials, business collateral and additional design throughout the company's success. 

Lily's colorful statement pieces are always an outfit maker. The pieces from LDD in my wardrobe are my personal favorites, and Lily's spunky, unique statement pieces are a go-to recommendation for creative professionals looking for that perfect accessory to take an outfit to the next level. 

And today, Lily's sharing her top 5 misconceptions about running a business in our second #BizBomb video.

I know you'll love this Hoot Design Co. exclusive. Lily's business advice is so good we've even made you a free, downloadable printable so you can take it with you.

Ready for this video? Here we go:

5 Misconceptions About Running Your Own Business from Lily Dawson of Lily Dawson Designs

Thanks so much for your great advice, Lily!

Make sure to go check out Lily Dawson Designs on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And you can find all of Lily's inventory online at



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