Haters Gonna Hate FREE PRINTABLE

Have you ever had a day you'd like to light a match and........?

No, that's just me?

#handletterhumpday here to remind you ballers that they only hate us cause they ain't us. 💯

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Anna made this awesome hand lettered design for days like this. And we decided to convert it to a downloadable printable so that you can have a copy too! 

Every time I see a printable like this, I chuckle to myself. It's exactly the type of attitude adjustment I need when my day is going from good to bad to ugly. 

You can right click and "save as" to save the jpg above to your computer, or for a hi-res PDF version that will create the best quality print, input your email below and we'll deliver one directly to your inbox.

Thank you to the talented Anna Martin (make sure you check out her AHH-MAZING outfit of the day post!) for creating this reminder that you are a baller, and they hate us cuz they ain't us.

Love KGB.

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