9 Podcasts That Will Change Your Business (and Life)

Podcasts have completely changed my life as a business owner. These nine will rock your socks.

 Podcasts... Mmm-hmmm.

Podcasts... Mmm-hmmm.

Before this year, I would definitely call myself a reluctant business owner. I wanted to do the work, but I didn't particularly care for running a business. I constantly found myself looking at companies I might want to work for, or speaking to contacts about job openings. 

A huge reason for this is that I felt that I had no energy left to run a business. I was working just to keep my head above water with the jobs we had on deck and devoting any spare time to taking care of my growing kids (which sucks a surprising amount of brain power)! My transformation from drowning mess to full-blown business badass warranted its own blog post, which you can read here.

Part of what sparked that transformation was... PODCASTS.

It seems so simple, right? I started trying to utilize my fringe hours instead of letting them go to waste, and in the process changed a couple of personal habits:

  1. No more T.V. for me.
  2. Listen to podcasts ERRYWHERE!

In the shower? PODCAST! In the car? PODCAST! Mowing the lawn/folding laundry/making dinner? PODCAST!

Yes, now my children know way more about becoming an entrepreneur than any 2 and 4 year olds should, but it can't be worse than me dancing to Miranda Lambert.

Here's my list of life-changing podcasts and why you should start listening too:

These are the 9 podcasts that changed my business (and my life). A must-listen for biz owners. | Hoot Design Co.


Foundr is my newest fave, and I only found it thanks to one of my go-to shows (also featured on this list!). This happens all the time – one fave podcast will lead you to another. Thumbs up.

I also subscribe to Foundr magazine (e-reader) and can't say enough about that as well. Nathan, Foundr's host, is extremely likable and has a great Aussie accent. He interviews some amazing leaders, but his target is young entrepreneurs – so the advice always feels super applicable to me.

2. One Day Business Breakthrough

This one is amazing too. A collaboration between Pat Flynn and Chris Ducker (two SERIOUS ballers), this podcast focuses on one business per episode. A listener calls in, asks a question about their business, and Chris and Pat nose dive into tackling this person's issue as fast as possible. They have great rapid-fire ideas. Each episode is quite quick – around 20 minutes or so – making it a perfect listen in between tasks.

3. Smart Passive Income 

This is Pat Flynn's most popular podcast. He is seriously one of the nicest personalities on the internet – extremely humble and kind. One of the most interesting things about this show is that Pat shares his income reports – the transparency is amazing!

I love listening to his interviews, and Pat's actionable content has led me to many other resources (like Foundr).

4. Being Boss

This is definitely a podcast I listen to every week. Two young women business owners, Kathleen Shannon of Braid and Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography do a fantastic job of keeping their content fresh and interesting. Getting advice and insight directly from two super-successful #WomenInBiz is inspiring.

They don't interviews that often, maybe every fourth episode, so the Being Boss podcast feels more like two friends talking about running a business – super approachable and fun. I love the more casual feel of this podcast, and the fact that they are both moms really hits home with me.

5. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is someone I found through Pat Flynn's podcast. She is an expert in advertising on Facebook and creating online courses. Very easy to listen too, and very rich, concise advice.

6. The Lively Show

Jess Lively has been an amazing addition to my podcast lineup. Learning about her journey from crazed business owner to intentions-based coaching consultant is fascinating. I listen to her podcast every week to take a step back and remember what is really important.

Jess interviews all sorts of people – business owners, writers, celebrities and some top influencers in the entrepreneurial world. The objective of the podcast is to showcase what her guest does, and how they got to where they are today. Her interview always goes deep, and I often find myself making changes in my life based on her latest interview. How's that for influential?

7. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

I found Gretchen Rubin on Jess Lively's podcast when she was being interviewed about her latest book, and I was instantly charmed by Gretchen's laid-back-but-straight-forward demeanor.

Her podcast features her sister, who is a TV writer, and some great tips on habits that make you happier. 

8. The Chalene Show

Though Chalene Johnson's podcast is not something I might normally gravitate towards, it's quickly become part of my weekly lineup after I was introduced to Chalene on the Being Boss podcast. She is super peppy and full of energy – her podcasts are often twenty minutes or less, and have a very casual vibe. Again, she gives lots of actionable content, and I usually feel motivated to take over the world afterward, so I'd say "job well done, Chalene" :)

9. Dear Sugar Radio

Now this is the only non-business podcast on the list, and that really means something!

Dear Sugar is a podcast I just LOVE. I listen every week. I found Dear Sugar after being an avid Cheryl Strayed/Tiny Beautiful Things fan. Tiny Beautiful Things is a compilation of advice from Cheryl Strayed to readers via on online advice column on TheRumpus.net. And Dear Sugar is the podcast version of the book. Here she teams up with Steve Almond to answer poignant questions from listeners all over the country. I highly recommend this to anyone with a few minutes to spare!

So I know this is a lot of podcasts, but...

I can't tell you how easy it is to soak up some really valuable info when you take advantage of the little bits of time in your day. By using the podcast app on my iPhone, I'm always plugged in, and that five minute walk from my parking spot to the office just bought me some BALLIN advice from these great people.

The insight I've been able to gain from listening to these amazing resources has really changed my business (and my life) for the better. Give them a listen and let me know what you think!

Do you have any fave listens that aren't on this list? Where does some of the best advice in your life come from? Let me know! 

Love KGB.

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