6 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Embrace Twitter Already

About five weeks ago we totally revamped our blog and changed up our social media strategy. And by "changed up" I mean actually created one.

Since doing so, we've nearly doubled our site traffic – and learned a lot about doing business in the social media sphere.

And now we're bringing you what we've learned in those five weeks, one platform at a time, so you can get going too. And today we're giving you something we wish we should have had – an all-around info boost on... 

–––––––––– Twitter ––––––––––

As I semi-embarrassingly revealed yesterday, we were super hesitant to embrace a full-fledged social media presence and more or less floundered for a long time.

When we finally worked up the nerve to turn things around, we took stock of what we already had going: four social media accounts, all in various stages of disarray.

  • Our Facebook page was by far the healthiest and best-performing of the four. 
  • Instagram and
  • Pinterest (both incorporated into Kristen's personal accounts) were used almost exclusively for personal/family/friends and some occasional business promos.
  • And our Twitter?

Our Twitter majorly sucked.

Why? Because we were terrified and super confused. How do you use it? Why would you use it? Who would even use it? What, do you just start talking to people? Clearly our own ignorance was the problem. 

So we did a bit of research (check out Mom This is How Twitter Works for a great run-through if you're unfamiliar with what's up with "The Twitter"), found a few tips, brainstormed a few ideas... And WENT FOR IT, knowing that we'd be able to learn from any mistakes we made.

💥💥💥 Us to Twitter: LET'S DO THIS 💥💥💥

 Well, maybe we weren't  this  coordinated.

Well, maybe we weren't this coordinated.

Five weeks later, I can hardly believe we were so hesitant.

Ready for this?

Twitter freaked us out. But then we went all-in and embraced social media presence – and now we know it's the bomb. Here are three reasons you should embrace Twitter too.

So here we go: 6 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Embrace Twitter Already

1. twitter content = easiest content.

You only have 140 characters. Make it snappy! If what you're trying to say can't fit into that space, you've got too much for one tweet. Get to the point or cut your content into multiple segments. Twitter is the place to be straight to the point when sharing links or quips. Facebook? Sooooo tempting to write huge paragraphs – because Facebook gives you that freedom. But Twitter? Nope. No brainer: cut it down or cut it out!


2. twitter = friendly for using multiple accounts.

Way easier than the other three platforms! On Facebook, liking and commenting as a business instead of your personal account and looking like a fool is waaaay too easy (and on mobile nearly unavoidable). On both Pinterest and Instagram, you've got to sign out of one account entirely to sign into another. And it's even more of a hassle on Insta because you can only post from your phone 😓

But on Twitter, switching back and forth is extremely simple and crystal-clear. You're on one or the other. And if you need to switch, it's a snap. If you're on a full computer, open up Tweetdeck and switching takes one click. If you're using the mobile app add an account and then hold-and-click. That's all. End of story. 


3. twitter helper apps = legit help.

Twitter has by far the largest number of effective, easy-to-use third-party apps to help you out with a business account. What is it that's tripping you up? Because on Twitter (unlike on the other platforms!) there's a 90% chance that there's tried-and-tested solution already out there to help you, with data to prove its helpfulness. Navigating followers, scheduling content, handling formatting, tracking your analytics, measuring your effectiveness – yep. 

And guess what? We're bringing you all of our favorite Twitter help strategies tomorrow 😉🎉


4. "Twitter memory" = super short.

Whereas the whole point of Pinterest is to collect content that followers would return to or want to save for later, and Instagram relies heavily on making a strong impression on users who often view your overall profile before following, and Facebook curates a "wall" of content, Twitter is structured to handle a steady stream of constantly-revolving content from users. While users may visit your profile and scroll through recent tweets, photos, and videos to get a sense of you, it's unlikely that people will search back much farther than a few dozen tweets' worth of content. Though means you'll have to put out more regular tweets in order to make sure your content is being seen, there's a huge benefit in the fact that Twitter's fast-paced format is highly forgiving of mistakes.


5. accessing large groups = easy.

Facebook? They've gotta be pretty comfortable with you to hit that like button. Pinterest? Not geared toward finding people. Instagram? Very limited search functionality. But on Twitter, you've got robust search options that can help you find an interested audience based on topics, hashtags, and lists.

And just like our favorite Twitter aid apps, we're serving up our most effective audience-targeting strategies for you in tomorrow's post.


6.  all content types = treated as equal.

Pinterest and Instagram aren't suited to text-only messages – high-quality images are make-or-break. And on Facebook, your followers' feeds are controlled by a complicated algorithm which weights content differently based on type – and which changes quite often, to content creators' dismay – so you can't be sure that your content is even reaching all followers. But, once again, Twitter kicks butt. Tweets go when they're posted. Tweets go out to all your followers. And Twitter treats photos, videos, words, and links in exactly the same way. Simple.

To sum it up, Twitter is awesome.

And awesomely simple.

It's lots of fun, extremely casual, and, most importantly, Twitter is by far the least stressful platform to work with. Low-stress, low-pressure, lots of fun – what the heck were we so worried about? 

But just knowing how to use a platform doesn't mean you're using it well.

In the five weeks we've been at it, we've run into lots of rough patches – and we've figured out some great solutions. And that's what we're all about tomorrow: actionable solutions to make your biz's Twitter account the best it can be.

Come back for a special how-to look into the Twitter strategies that work for business!

See ya.

– Avery

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