Brand Spotlight: Patriot Co.

Lindsey Briedwell contacted me a couple of months ago when she was in need of branding for her recently-purchased general contacting company. I have known Lindsey since we were about 16 and carpooled to and from soccer practice together. I was thrilled to work with her on such an exciting venture, and to reconnect after so many years.

Lindsey has been in construction for nearly a decade, and purchased Patriot Co. in early 2014. Her company specializes in commercial building and renovation, with a reputation for staying on time and on budget.

When we set out to build Patriot Co.'s brand, the challenge was clear: to craft a brand that could stand apart from a field of competitors filled with brands highlighting bright orange and gray images of wrenches and beveled sheet metal patterns that all screamed "MANLY!"

Lindsey's strong sense of personal style gave us the vision and clarity we needed.

We started talking, and worked together to draw up a vision for what the Patriot Co. brand would be...

And created a guiding vocabulary for the project:

  • sleek
  • effortless
  • informative
  • warm and industrial
  • brighter than mainstream contracting brands
  • friendly
  • competent

First, we defined our design objective together with Lindsey:

"Patriot Co. needs a brand to cut through the clutter in a saturated market. The design should be fresh and modern, and must reflect the fact that Patriot Co. is woman-owned. However, the brand must feel strong, capable, and competitive in a male-dominated industry."

Step two: we created a Vision Board to visually communicate exactly where we saw the brand moving.

We agreed that Patriot Co.'s aspirational style is "Americana prep with a masculine twist" – phrasing that we absolutely love. We looked to classic all-American typography and print techniques for our type and color inspiration, and pulled together a palette based in bold tones.

Brand Vision Board for Patriot Co. General Contracting | Hoot Design Co.

The final Patriot Co. General Contracting logo!

The final Patriot Co. General Contracting logo!

Next came the logo design.

Each step of the way, we looked back to the guiding vocabulary and design objective we'd worked together with Lindsey to define.

With a few rounds of revisions, we created a winner: a mix of structured geometric type and a fluid script stacked and balanced to emphasize the clean structure and capable organization that makes Patriot Co. great at what they do. The single star and supporting stripes give a nod to Patriot Co.'s past history as a veteran-founded and veteran-grown company.

Finally, we put it all together.

Fleshing out a brand is always one of my favorite parts of the design process. Presenting the final, completed creation to the business owner is always exciting... When you've worked through all the steps to finally bring the project full circle, it's such a great feeling to see that what you've done hits the spot!

Patriot Co. General Contracting's final Brand Style Board.

Patriot Co. General Contracting's final Brand Style Board.

With the addition of stylized icon badges and just a touch of texture, we rounded out the brand elements. And, as we put the final touches on Patriot Co.'s identity, we upped the brand with a bright pop of fiery orange-red to bring a spark of energy to the company's primary palette – a cool, classic combo of charcoal, navy and ochre. And, to bring it on home, we created custom style touches for Pco's project images with a warm, vintage glow.

This week we're also going to expand on what it was like building Lindsey's website on a Squarespace backend – and why we love the platform, and think you will too.

Congratulations Lindsey! You and Patriot Co. are ready to take on this world :)

Love KGB.

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