Sneak Peek: Patriot Co. Brand

We just wrapped up our initial brand design and – get this – website launch (hooray!) for Patriot Co. General Contracting. The challenge? Ensuring that Patriot Co. can push past the clutter of neon-orange-and-gray construction brands in an already-saturated market. And, most importantly, we needed to highlight the fact that Patriot Co. is woman-owned business without sacrificing an ounce of strength, because...

Patriot Co. holds its own in an industry heavily dominated by men: general contracting.

And the company brand needed to showcase that excellence in full force. 

So how did we bridge the gap? Read the story of one WOSB (woman-owned small business) partnering with another on the blog tomorrow!

Woman-owned small businesses unite!

Woman-owned small businesses unite!

– Avery

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