Instagram Is the Bomb (for Business)

I'd never thought of Instagram as a "business" social media platform... until now. For years I'd been using it to share personal photos (KIDS!) or everyday snapshots, but rarely anything business-related. And the whole time my business was missing out.

That all changed when we realized how perfectly suited our line of business is to Instagram. We (the Hoot team) had never even tried to leverage Insta as a "business" social media tool, but after digging into lots of strategy and ways to grow our tribe, we realized we had been missing out on a huge opportunity.

Now we've adopted the rule of thirds when deciding what to share:

  • 1/3 PERSONAL



But we had a problem: how the heck were we going to reach a new audience when all of our Insta followers were personal connections?

We were inspired by an interview with Nathan Chan of Foundr magazine (ALSO THE BOMB!) about his Insta strategy. One thing we were sorely lacking was hashtags. Because, in my opinion, hashtags can feel horribly obnoxious and intrusive. 

But after hearing Nathan's genius #hashtag tip we're using the SH!T out of them. Nathan, who grew Foundr's Instagram following from 0-175k in 7 months(!), places his hashtags in the comments section.... Which means that after about four comments your hashtags are buried but will still show up in searches. You see, since hashtags are the only way that Instagram is searchable, using them is essential to allowing new "tribe members" to find you. You don't want to miss out on new peeps who want to love you... if they only knew you existed!

We're also trying to focus on building recurring content that people will participate in HASHTAGGING WITH US! Thus: #handletterhumpday. Who doesn't like hashtag alliteration??

Instagram is the bomb for social media brand marketing. It's true. | Hoot Design Co.

Anna, who is an Instagram genius, came up with the #handletterhumpday hashtag and HDco #OOTD (outfit of the day) strategy. THANKS ANNA!

Above: some of our recent Insta action.

We're charting our Insta growth to let you know how our new biz strategies are working – and to help you grow yours too. So come follow us on Insta to stay up on our "behind the scenes" sneak peeks, drool over Anna's #OOTD love, feel like a total boss with some inspirational quotes, and of course crack up over those random kid pics (I just can't stop).

Love KGB.

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