So I might need a PC translator...

A few people have asked me about my post How I Saved My Business with a Single Concept. They made comments like, "That was so well written!" and "You should submit that to a business blog!" and then...."Did you really write that?" Those comments may or may not have been said by my mom.

 Thanks, mom.

Thanks, mom.

So I decided to write this explainer to give credit where credit's due. 

Avery, the darling behind most everything we post/tweet/gram/write around here, PC-ified my article for me before publication.

It was my lucky day when a 15-year-old Avery came into my studio to see if she might be able to "hang around me" and pick up some tips on InDesign that she could use for formatting the school literary magazine. I thought, Hmmm, why not? I'll let this tween hang around the office and maybe she can help me package some orders or something... Little did I know, six years later, she would be an integral part of Hoot's success. She does nothing half-assed, and treats Hoot like her own business (which is an absolute godsend as the owner! Business-saving strategy part two?) 

So I needed Avery to rewrite my blog post?

Well, much like Obama's anger translator, I need a politically correct translator for that passionate subject matter.

A tone-it-down translator is something I could have benefitted from for much of my life, starting around age eight. Like when I advised people not to drink real Coke... Because of the calories. YES, TRUE STORY.

I wrote my "Saving Business" post, GIFs included, and then asked Avery for her opinion before hitting publish... And (as she delicately phrased it in her response) the post may have sent a few "PC red flags" up.

 Thanks PC translator!

Thanks PC translator!

So luckily Avery agreed to read through my article and "tone it down a notch" so that my delivery wouldn't offend anyone (or at least... everyone?) Something I have a knack for.

She still let me keep most of the explicit content (and GIFs) and the points were all mine, but toned down the parts that may have been getting spicy. But there's really something to be said for letting yourself write about a topic you're truly passionate about in a very real, true-to-life manner. That's what creates honest content, and honest advice. And thank god my PC translator was there to make it blog-worthy.

And if you're wondering if I really wrote this one, YES! I did.

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