Helmi's Gardens


Helmi's Gardens  is one of our favorite branding clients from a few years back. Helmi Sheeley came to us when she was looking for a logo and brand to accompany her new plant nursery and eclectic shop. I love what we came up with after lots of exploration with Helmi, the best brands come from lots of collaboration.

I just LOVE visiting Helmi's. No one else in this area, has the type of cool finds that litter Helmi's large greenhouse contains. One huge bonus, is that my children love hanging out here. She has multiple chickens in the funkiest hand made coops, bunnies, kitties roaming free, and of course loads of gorgeous plants you can't find anywhere in this county. She specializes in interesting, hard to find plants with character and style. As someone who is the furthest thing from a green thumb, she inspires me to try and grow some of these works of art.

Check out the map at the end of this post. Helmi's is somewhat hard to find if you don't know where to look, but well worth the beautiful drive, and within city-limits!

Check out  Helmi's Gardens hilarious Facebook Page for all of her latest quips and finds.