Lula Jane

Creative Hoot Design Co

Luckily these announcements made it to the mail much sooner than to the blog:) Lula is now almost six months old! This picture was taken right around five months. Ahhh, the life of a mom...with two kids.

I was very happy with this announcement and the printing process. I used warmed white stock from Envelopments, digitally printed with one-color black, and a slightly sparkly pink envelope from Envelopemall. I loved how the whole thing was very subtly pink, but not over the top. It had a little Parisian flair to it.

I wanted to include her name inspiration on her announcement too, because I love hearing about how other people choose their baby names. Lula is actually inspired by my best friend who went by Loo growing up. Jane is after my mother's sister, who is loved by both me and my husband after years of floating on the river at her restaurant/canoe rental in Wisconsin.

The design also seemed perfect for a photo album cover! I was able to use our AMAZING photos of Moe and baby Lula (only 5 days old) from Silverbox to create a Blurb photo album. I am really impressed by their image wrap covers, and their new pearl, photo stock paper. It made perfect Christmas gifts for the grandparents.

So there you go...announcement blogged. In January:)