District Holiday Banners

It was so fun to have the opportunity to work on holiday banners for the District this year. We love being a part of the North Village Arts District, an integral piece to the downtown scene in Columbia...and the District does a great job of using the artistic resources located right here.

We were asked to design street banners in the vein of our custom alphabet prints using these playful terms:

Naughty + Nice

Sugar + Spice

Comfort + Joy

Merry + Bright

I just love this concept, which evidently had been brewing in the District's executive director's head for a couple of years. We went with a very simple color palette, of almost all blues and greens.


Here are a couple of our design concepts that didn't make the cut, and a photo of a couple of the banners in action.

a few design iterations
Creative Hoot Design Co
Creative Hoot Design Co