3 Stress-Free Blog Post Ideas for People Who Hate Writing

There are those days when you wake up to face the coming workday and blog entry and right away think ugh writing ugh and are immediately hit with a huge wave of Nope. No. No. Not happening. Not today. Not in the mood.

Your thought process goes something like this. Pretend your name is Kanye for the time being. Just pretend for me.

Hey Kanye, you up for writing a blog post?
Yeah, about that. No.

Yeah, about that. No.

Even, um, a super short blog post?


One that's maybe three paragraphs max – talking about a future project or something?


Okay, what about two paragraphs? Seriously, just what you're doing today and your goals for the next week. Absolutely 300 words or less. Two paragraphs max. That's nothing, omg, that's like nothing at all. Please Kanye please.
Um, no.

Um, no.

UGHH! On days like this you need an exit strategy.

Screw your editorial calendar, it's not going to go according to plan. So what do you do?

Well, you could drop the post altogether. But that's not ideal for a couple of reasons: 

1) You're substituting what would have been solid content for absolutely zero content.
2) That kicks you off schedule and would make you miss the mark on your goals.

What you really need is a surefire cheat strategy in your back pocket.

Something that can keep you on track, let you create that compelling content for your audience, and get some valuable keywords in the mix as well.

and i've got just what the doctor ordered. 🙌

Today I've got THREE awesome and stress-free blog post ideas for those days when you hate hate hate the thought of writing.

READY? Here we go:


Insta Roundup

You've already been creating great content on your social media networks, so turn it into a blog post!

Though this type of content isn't in-depth exploration of your business philosophy, it's a great way to showcase your current work. Especially if you're a business with seasonal patterns or trend-based services, a roundup post is PERFECT for keeping your content current and showing off your personality.

Just write a brief introduction giving an overview of your week, add in 1-2 sentences of background on each image, and give a 1-2 sentence wrap-up (and call to action!) at the end and you're DONE.

That's, like, under 10 sentences total, Kanye. Make sure to use relevant keywords in your descriptions to make your content SEO valuable too.

A roundup post also serves to highlight your social media networks and give people a glimpse of your daily content. Kind of like saying, "Look how awesome we are on Instagram! Wanna come join us?"

Trying to stick to a post like this on a regular basis (once every week or every two weeks, for example) is also a great structure for getting a blogging routine in place and holding yourself accountable. 

Overheard Quotes

We always have a great selection of cheeky one-liners floating around the studio (thanks in part to our awesome studio mates SilverBox Photography and Drew Piester), but even if you work from home or through virtual meetings you're sure to have some perfect vignettes to share.

Collect some of these offbeat quotes and use them as a way to shine a light on what's going on behind the scenes at your place

Avoid writing as much as humanly possibly by use super-easy online tools like Canva, Pablo or Notegraphy to turn your snippets into great graphics in under 10 seconds. Line them up in a post, give 1-2 sentences of background on each, and BAM! You're golden!

*ISh you're already promoting

This one should be a total no-brainer, but it's easy to overlook. Any advertising images should be able to link directly back to your site, and one way to boost this is by actually creating a blog post about your current offerings.

We totally went this route to show off the final discount push for Shape a Brand that Sells a few weeks ago. It was perfect because we could pin our ad directly from that post!

So Kanye, what do you think of these ideas?
These ideas are PERFECT for people who know they need to blog but are NOT in the mood for writing now... maybe not ever. Minimal wordsmithing, maximal impact. Get blogging! | Hoot Design Co.

Okay, seriously guys, Kanye approves of my strategies. Get writing!

– Avery