5 Reasons Blogging Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Business Marketing

We've already talked about how to funnel customers to your website again and again using a one-two-punch of your content and social media. But blogging is EVEN better for your marketing than nailing down that sales funnel. 

In fact, blogging is the BEST thing you can do for your business marketing.

I know, that sounds kind of extreme for a design-focused firm like us to be saying, right? But we say it because it's true: If there was ONE thing we recommend you start doing today, right now, to boost your business, it would be getting your blog content off the ground.

Blogging is extremely important for your business marketing.


1. it Drives all online marketing to your website directly

Blogging is the best thing you can do for marketing your business online. Here's why. | Hoot Design Co.

Your website is the central hub of your online marketing – the social networks you post on are just spokes. 

All content you reach out with across social media should act as a funnel to drive your customers to your website.

That's why blogging is so important: When you push content about a sale or discount across social media platforms, that content needs to link back to your site so customers can immediately be in contact with all other information on your site and be able to make the decision to buy from you.

And where are you going to have that shareable info?

On your blog, of course!

2. it Gives all your assets a home

Reason #2 blogging is the best thing you can do for your marketing: 

Social media is time-sensitive, but your blog acts as a home for all your content.

 Hey, assets, go home! Home to your blog, that is.

Hey, assets, go home! Home to your blog, that is.

Imagine putting out a series of promotions on Facebook as flat images. Your content will reach some of your followers, and even though they won't be able to click through to your website like they could if you'd shared a link, they can still look at your ads (if your images appear on their newsfeed at all). 

But! In just a few weeks, maybe even days or hours, those images will be buried deep in Facebook obscurity – not on anyone's newsfeed or radar in the least! 

That's bad.

NOW imagine instead that you had posted that content on your blog and shared a link with your image as the preview instead – or in addition to – simply posting a flat photo.

Not only will your link be clickable and drive traffic to your website, that blog post can hold your beautiful content forever.

In this way, your blog serves as a forever home for content that would otherwise easily disappear into obscurity on social media alone. And that's important!

3. it Generates content for SEO

 Stacks on stacks on stacks – OF CONTENT FOR S.E.O.!

Stacks on stacks on stacks – OF CONTENT FOR S.E.O.!

Do your customers find your website through your social media updates only? If so, that sucks.

You want to be appearing in direct search results as much as possible – and more than your competition, that's for sure!

What you need is some good ol' SEO search engine optimization. Basically, you need to find a way to get on your customers' Google search results page. Now, how do you do that?

Here's a secret: 70% of SEO is HAVING content in the first place.

I can't make this clear enough: If you do not have relevant content on your website, you will not appear in search results!

What you need to do is create content that's relevant to your customers' needs. What does that look like?

Well, it depends on what your dream customer is looking for. If you're a gym, maybe it's creating content about the best exercise routine to... tone up the muscles in your arms, for instance. That topic could easily create a great blog post on the top 5 exercises you can do in under 5 minutes to start toning your arms. If you're a restaurant specializing in eco-conscious local foodies, maybe it's the best wine pairings with seasonal, locally-sourced cuisine.

Creating content on topics like these that are relevant to your customers' needs builds up your content and boosts your search rankings.

And where is this searchable content coming from?

From your blog, of course!

4. it Shows off your EXPERTISE

Here's reason #4 blogging is the best thing you can do for your business marketing: Blogging allows you to position yourself as an expert in your industry. 

Having testimonials listed on your site is great. Having references is great. Having an FAQ section is great. BUT! None of those common features allows you to go really in-depth and demonstrate your expertise to a potential customer.

Let's go back to that gym example: One testimonial might say, 

"X trainer is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They're full of ideas for personalized workout routines!"

That's a great testimonial to have, and as a business owner you definitely want to show that customer's experience off on your site!

But now put yourself in a potential customer's shoes: you basically have to take the gym at their word on this. You have to trust the random person who gave that testimonial. And you start thinking:

"Um, how knowledgeable? Are the routines really personalized enough to take my [insert condition], [insert preference], and [insert need] into consideration? How am I supposed to know?"

So what's the customer missing in this scenario? Proof!

Providing PROOF for potential customers is exactly where the value of blogging comes in.

Blogging allows you to provide potential customers with proof that you really are an expert by demonstrating your knowledge on all topics related to your biz.

Using your blog to put what you know on display is a great way to convince your customer you know what you're talking about and are fully equipped to take care of their needs and answer their questions

5. it Puts your personality on display!

 OMG Adele has such a great personality. Want to know how to give your biz this much of a friendly face? GET BLOGGING!

OMG Adele has such a great personality. Want to know how to give your biz this much of a friendly face? GET BLOGGING!

This is the fun part of blogging!

Blogging is a robust way to show off your personality and the atmosphere of your business.

Remember, any interaction a customer has with your business creates your brand – whether that's online, in-person, or secondhand story about someone else's interaction – your customer takes all of those into consideration when making the choice to give you their business.

Blogging is a perfect way to guarantee that you're providing a reliable, personable and positive experience for a potential customer online by putting your personality on display.

Blogging gives you an awesome platform to speak more casually and one-on-one with a potential customer – use that opportunity to make sure you make a good impression!

6. it allows you to Reach new customers

The final reason blogging is the best thing you can do for your business marketing? 

Blogging can help you reach new customers.

How? Two major ways:

  1. It taps into the power of social networks and the one-two-punch of blogging + social media: Social networks work by allowing individuals to share with one another. Creating content that you can share with your social following means that you've created content that they can share with their friends, who can share with their friends and so on. Blogging is what generates that shareable content.
  2. Remember the stacks on stacks on stacks of SEO? Blogging will also allow you to get on the radars of customers who find you through direct search. These are people who might not be connected to you through social networks or geographic proximity. But creating content online allows you to get on their radars too!

Yep, blogging is a pretty badass business move.

Within just a few months of getting serious about producing high-quality content for our blog, we increased our web traffic 10x over, quadrupled our social media following, and increased our revenue by 50%. So yeah, we're big believers.

What's holding you back? As always, we're here for support! Hit us up with your questions and advice!

Until next time,