6 Essential Chrome Extensions for Keeping Your Sh*t Together

These Chrome extensions are going to help you keep your shit together BIG TIME! | Hoot Design Co.

It's a struggle we all face: Keeping your shit together, day in, day out.

But luckily I've compiled this list of 6 essential Chrome extensions to help you KEEP IT TOGETHER, PEOPLE!

We should just jump in right now. This is important.


• Full Page Screen Capture


You need to take a screen shot of the ENTIRE webpage, including a part you'd need to scroll down to see. And if you have to try to piece together 10 screenshots again, shit is seriously going to hit the fan.



Full Page Screen Capture is my favorite and most-used extension. It's a major lifesaver. Just click the icon in your browser bar and watch the extension magically capture your whole page. When it's done, your full-page screen capture image opens up in another tab. Then just save it to your desktop!


Look, I even made a gif to show you how it works:

 Grabbing the entire blog post like a baller.

Grabbing the entire blog post like a baller.

Beautiful. Beautiful. Go add the extension and start taking screenshots like a human being who's got it together!

• The Great Suspender


You have 40 tabs open (looking at you, Kristen) and all that content slows down your system. Your browser is running so slow you're seriously about to lose it. But you need those tabs for later and don't want to lose the content!


The Great Suspender puts your tabs on hold after 30 minutes of inactivity so they don't suck the life out of your system. When you need to wake the tab up again, all you have to do is click!

Another great feature of this extension is its "whitelist" option, which allows you to mark certain sites as ones you never want to be suspended – for example, a site like We Transfer when you're trying to upload a whole gigabyte of content in one sitting. 

• Hola Better Internet


You can't access the site you need – access is blocked at your school, work, country, etc. Or you absolutely need to watch the amazing offerings over on British Netflix not available in the US or your shit is going to break down completely


Hola Better Internet is a free and ad-free VPN (virtual private network) proxy service that lets you, in brief terms, access the internet as if you were in a different place than you currently are. Grab the Chrome extension, make an account, and you're all set!

• Grammarly


You're trying to get the million things off your plate (email responses, typing up a report, blog post, etc) and you start to get sloppy with your writing. Grammar mistakes are made. Passive voice is used a little too often. "Your" and "you're" start to get mixed up. Long story short, shit hits the fan.


Grammarly checks your spelling and grammar contextually and is way better than normal spellcheck, which sucks. I've written more about how much I love Grammarly here and here – it can be a huge lifesaver. Especially the contextual spelling checker, which is all over contextual errors like lose/loose, affect/effect, lie/lay and there/their/they’re. You can grab the Chrome extension here and start breathing a little easier with a little help from our robot friends!

• Pin It Button


You found a great image, article, color, etc that you're inspired by. But come time to use it you can't find it – and you're about to lose your shit rummaging through the entire internet.


Pinterest board. 💁

Using the Pin It button Chrome extension, pinning any image takes about half a second. Either hover over the image to pin, or click the icon in your browser bar for instant pin-ability.

We've already written about how Pinterest can be used for way more than just a collection of tinted mason jar craft projects, but this Ryan Gosling meme never gets old. But whatever, if collecting pages on pages of tinted mason jar crafts is your thing, go ahead and tint your heart out!

• Giphy Tabs


Not enough gifs in your life. Shit is seriously starting to hit the fan without your daily dose of gifs.


GIFS! Every time you open a tab. Gifs, gifs galore. Grab the Giphy Tabs extension and never go gif-less again.

 Cat gifs: essential to your wellbeing.

Cat gifs: essential to your wellbeing.



Thumbs up for keeping it together. You got this.

Do you have any more great extensions that help you keep it together? Let me know!

Until next time,


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