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Positions Available: Copywriting Intern   |   Start date: April 2, 2018

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Based on the job category you selected above, complete the corresponding challenge and submit your work to 

Design Challenge:

Create two completely different rebrand concepts for the fast food chain of your choosing. Write one paragraph per concept explaining why you did what you did. 

Copywriting Challenge:

Write three mini blog posts (500 words or less) about an internal office party for 1. an accounting firm 2. a real estate company and 3. a hair salon. Include one paragraph for each blog post explaining the rationale behind your structure, tone and voice, and formatting.

Web Developer Challenge:

Create two different sitemaps, one each for 1. a bed and breakfast and 2. a construction company. Lay out each sitemap in a tree diagram and include wireframes of two separate pages for each client. Write one paragraph for each deliverable to explain your rationale.  

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