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Positions Available: Copywriting Intern


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Design Challenge:

Create two different rebrand concepts for one fast food chain of your choosing. Write at least one paragraph per concept explaining your rationale in every aspect of your rebrand. 

Copywriting Challenge:

Write and design one print advertisement for a local non-profit. (Must be an actual non-profit)

  1. 8.5x11 in size

  2. Must be conceptual, but should include headline and body copy

  3. Submit as a PDF to

  4. Submit three associated social media graphics to further illustrate the “campaignability” of your concept

This print ad would appear in a local publication.

Web Developer Challenge:

Create two different sitemaps, one each for 1. a bed and breakfast and 2. a construction company. Lay out each sitemap in a tree diagram and include wireframes of two separate pages for each client. Write one paragraph for each deliverable to explain your rationale.  

Remember, you MUST email your resume and completed challenge to to be considered for a position.

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