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While we're working together to build your brand, the Hoot team will place elements of our design work here for your reference. Each step of the way, this page will act as a reflection of our work so far: you'll be able to look back at the objectives, principles, and guiding vision we've created together, consult the resources we've compiled, and download the samples we share. Then, once we've finalized all elements of your brand, this page will act as a permanent reference sheet for your organization. You'll have easy access to the resources and downloads you need to maintain your new brand.

You, dear client, are the only person outside of the Hoot team who will have password-protected access to this page. You may share your password with anyone on your team who needs firsthand access as well. But be careful – anyone whom you give the password will be able to view and download your brand assets.

Without further ado, let's get started!


Step two of our design process together was the creation of a Brand Vision Board for Anne Tuckley.

To create this board we pulled together visual examples of elements from your Creative Brief and were aided by our in-person meetings with you as well as our research.


We established Anne Tuckley essential style to be a unique blend as illustrated in the screenshot of your Brand Vision Board at right.

Throughout our creative process, your Brand Vision Board served to guide our creation of the Anne Tuckley brand. You'll always be able to access your Brand Vision Board here as a high resolution, web-approved PDF file to ensure that your unique brand vision guides your marketing strategy every step of the way.


You'll always be able to access the logo files you need quickly and easily from this page.

Below you'll find download links to both your Full Color Logo and Brand Icon in multiple filetypes. We've also included special notes on filetypes below to explain the difference between PNG, EPS, and PDF files.

If you ever come across a different filetype or size that you need, please let us know! We'll be happy to send it your way.


Raster images, like PNGs and JPGs, will pixelate if they're stretched too large. PNG (pronounced "ping" or "P-N-G") is the best filetype for displaying your logo on the web because PNGs are compressed using lossless compression and retain crisp edges. Additionally, the PNG filetype allows for either a transparent background, which JPGs do not support. You'll find both transparent backgrounds and white backgrounds below! 

The PNG files below are suitable for any digital purpose if they are not enlarged beyond their original dimensions. Additionally, PNG files may be printed on inkjet or laser printers.

Full Color Logo, Black Splash

Full Color Logo, Black Splash

Full Color Logo, Gold Splash

Full Color Logo, Gold Splash

Full Logo, One Color Black

Full Logo, One Color Black

Gold Icon

Gold Icon

Black Icon

Black Icon

Stone Distressed Icon

Stone Distressed Icon

Black Distressed Icon

Black Distressed Icon

Gray Stroke Door Decal 

Gray Stroke Door Decal 

White Stroke

White Stroke

Gray Stroke

Gray Stroke

Black Stroke 2

Black Stroke 2

White Stroke 2

White Stroke 2

Triangle Pattern

Triangle Pattern

Marble Pattern

Marble Pattern

Gold Pattern

Gold Pattern


EPS ("encapsulated post-script") files are vector files, which means they can be made infinitely large or small without pixelating. However, EPS files should be used only for professional printing or design purposes where vector files are needed. 



PDF ("portable document format") files are intended for professional printing purposes. This PDF file is saved in a CMYK colorspace, which means it is only appropriate for professional four-color printing and is not approved for digital or web display.



Your final Brand Style Board pulls together all elements of the Anne Tuckley brand, such as your final logo, final icon, brand color palette, brand typefaces, and inspiration photos.

Use your Brand Style Board to visually communicate the essence of the Anne Tuckley brand.



These colors capture the spirit of your brand and are the only colors approved for use in branding materials.

Below you'll find the CMYK and hexadecimal equivalents for each of your brand colors. CMYK colors are values specified for the amounts ofcyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink used in traditional four-color printing processes; you will use these CMYK values when working with a traditional printer. Hexadecimal colors (also called hex colors, hex values, or hex codes) are six-character "codes" preceded with a # that computers "read" to make colors appear on your screen. Use these hex values when specifying colors on the web or on a computer, like for specifying your exact brand colors in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or other software, or in web applications, such as customizing a Google Spreadsheet or Twitter profile.

Driftwood C=21 M=29 Y=67 K=0 HEX #CCAD6C


C=21 M=29 Y=67 K=0


Tide C=10 M=10 Y=14 K=0 HEX #E4DDD4


C=10 M=10 Y=14 K=0


Vulcan C=70 M=68 Y=64 K=74 HEX#231F20 


C=70 M=68 Y=64 K=74


Sycamore C=27 M=33 Y=79 K=2 HEX #BEA056


C=27 M=33 Y=79 K=2


Pharlap C=11 M=23 Y=24 K=0 HEX#E0C3B7


C=11 M=23 Y=24 K=0


Woodsmoke C=87 M=78 Y=54 K=71 HEX #101727


C=87 M=78 Y=54 K=71

HEX #101727

Cloudy C=3 M=3 Y=7 K=0 HEX #F5F1E9


C=3 M=3 Y=7 K=0


Alpine C=75 M=68 Y=67 K=90 HEX #000000


C=75 M=68 Y=67 K=90

HEX #000000


Canva Resources
  • Colors: In designs, use your brand colors only, as specified above, with the addition of white if necessary.
  • Photos: You can find free-to-use, high-quality photos at UnsplashPixabayPexels andMagdeleine. Make sure any photos you use could fit into your brand board!
  • Additional help: Check out Canva's design tutorials for additional help.


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