A full set of expert skills within one agency.


Creating a bomb website, ad campaign, and marketing strategy that sells takes more than just an eye for design.

Website development Columbia, Missouri | Hoot Design Co.

We're talking:

Full marketing strategy.
• World-class branding and design.
• Years of web design and development experience.
• Custom coding.
SEO expertise.
• Pro copywriting.
• Excellence in advertising.
Conversion funnel optimization.


Our motto: Honest work for wholehearted humans.


We believe in small business because we are a small business.

That's why we practice what we preach: transparency, education and empowerment for our clients.  

Advertising in Columbia, MO | Hoot Design Co.

Woman-founded. Woman-owned. Woman-driven.


Women control 80% of purchasing power. Yet only 3% of creative directors are female.

Website design, marketing, advertising Columbia Missouri | Hoot Design Co.

No wonder women overwhelmingly report they feel misunderstood and alienated by advertisers.

We're changing that. We're proud to be a woman-founded, woman-owned, and woman-driven creative agency in a male-dominated field. We don't just compete with the boys. We beat them.



We do things differently because we are different.

We pride ourselves on sharing our expertise from beginning to end. We know that by creating clients that become friends, our business will flourish right alongside yours.

Unlike other web and marketing companies, we'll never hold your URL hostage, refuse to hand over brand files, or block you from moving on when you want.

 Know the company. Create the brand. Grow with the business.

Marketing, web design, and development that takes you to the top | Hoot Design Co.


World-class creative in the heart of the nation.

We operate out of a light-drenched collaborative space in the heart of the Midwest – Columbia, Missouri.

Our Midwestern values guide our commitment to a job well done while our backgrounds in advertising, web design, marketing, and copywriting spur us to find innovative, independent solutions that work for your unique needs.

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A versatile, dedicated, and nimble team.

Kristen Graham Brown: Founder, Executive Director and Creative Director  •  Avery Enderle Wagner:  Senior Developer & Content Director  •  Haley Padilla: Designer & Videographer  •  Jenna Westra: Project Manager  •  Raigan Mastain: Designer  •  Mandy Dudley: Account Manager