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• Clients who don't want to pay you your real worth
• Customers constantly questioning your prices
• Relatives asking you when you're finally going to get a “real job”
• Nights spent stressed out over too much work and too little profit

There's good news: It's not YOU that's failing. 

It's your brand that's holding you back.


And here's why: Your brand's not matching up with your reality.

You're signaling that your business doesn't deserves respect and isn't worth the price – even if you don't mean to.

But you CAN turn things around:

You need to start representing your business strategically – right now.


You have the power to turn your business around.


In Shape a Brand That Sells, you're going to gain expert agency strategies to make your business strategic, successful, and profitable.

In Shape a Brand that Sells, you're going to:

Create your own unique, killer brand, from scratch, using ONLY free tools online.


“Investing in "Shape a brand that sells" e-course was one of the BEST business decisions I've made!”– Maya


Get everything you need to achieve brand success.


You deserve to take control of your business's future. You deserve to charge what you're really worth. A strategic brand is the key to reinvigorating and refocusing your business.

You'll leave this course with everything your new brand needs to find success:

A Dream Customer Psychology & Motivation Profile

You'll discover the STRATEGY that needs to shape your brand.

A Brand Vision Board to Refocus Your Business

You'll curate an inspiration for your visual brand – based on mastery of real strategy, NOT being a copy cat!

A Complete Color Palette

You'll identify the colors your customers will love.

An Original, High-Quality Logo

You will create your own unique logo using pro techniques – without ANY expensive software.

A Final Brand Board

You're going to set your brand assets in stone to make your brand INSTANTLY recognizable.

Marketing Graphics to Dominate the Web

You'll learn how to make digital marketing graphics for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and more to put your brand in use


What you'll create:

Create your new brand as we create Kennedy Graham Photography – in real time, right alongside you.

Your brand vision board

Your brand vision board

Final brand board

Final brand board

Logo and watermarks

Logo and watermarks

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In business, every penny counts.

That's why you get up-front, transparent pricing with Shape a Brand that Sells. There's no additional software you'll have to buy to achieve success, unlike most other DIY brand design courses on the market.

You deserve to get your head above water with a stable, well-made brand you can DIY. Buy the full course now.

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No design software or skills needed.


YOU can create the brand your business deserves with simple bite-sized, actionable steps.

Using ONLY free, online resources you're going to get the exact steps you need to make your brand sell.
DIY your own brand and logo | Shape a Brand that Sells | Hoot Design Co.

“I LOVE Hoot Design Co. There is NO WAY I could have done the rebranding of my business without them... I FINALLY have a brand that fits my style!!” – Stacie, Rogue Studios


Learn EXACTLY what to do—and when to do it.


Discover exactly the steps you need to take (and in the order you need to take them in) to make your brand a success with Shape a Brand that Sells.

You're already a pro in your own field. Now you're going to become a expert in branding, one step at a time.

A 60-day guarantee means you'll come away with success, or your money back.

Module 1: Discover the Brand You Were Meant to Have

  1. The real reason customers don't want to pay you what you're worth
  2. How to make people see the TRUE value you offer
  3. What branding means for your bottom line
  4. How to identify your brand values
  5. MAJOR brand mistakes to avoid

Module 2: Get Up Close & Personal with Your Dream Client

  1. What makes people see the TRUE value you offer
  2. How to identify the RIGHT people for your brand
  3. How to make those people want to buy from you
  4. How to get those people to come back again and again
  5. How to use those people's inner minds to inspire your brand

Module 3: Forge a Brand Foundation that Sells

  1. How to use your dream customer's inner thoughts to shape your brand
  2. How to create a brand vision board rooted in your dream customer's psychology
  3. How to use design basics to create feeling
  4. Typography 101
  5. How to choose fonts that represent your brand
  6. Color basics
  7. How to create a color palette your dream customer will love
  8. How to give your brand depth with photos, textures, and patterns

Module 4: Create a Kickass Logo + Finalize Your Brand

  1. Why so many DIY logos fail
  2. How to design a strong logo that will last you ages
  3. How to use free software to make your logo
  4. How to export every logo file you'll ever need
  5. Why you need sub logos and watermarks
  6. How to create your own sub logo and watermark
  7. How to create a final brand board to set your brand in stone
  8. How to find your brand voice
  9. How to use free tools to create all the brand graphics you'll ever need
  10. BONUS: How to create a killer social media strategy for your new brand

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See what you need to do in real time, every step of teh way.


Follow every click on-screen as you tackle technical steps. You'll be able to see every mouse click to take in real time as you build your own brand right alongside the video.

Then, get face-to-face coaching as you explore new strategy and foundational skills. 

Achieve success with expert guidance at each and every turn.

“Investing in "Shape a brand that sells" e-course was one of the BEST business decisions I've made. If you are willing to do the hard work, this course will help you build a strong foundation for your brand. I've paid for e-courses before, but most of them are not suitable for a visual person. Kristen and Avery have a fresh and fun approach to teaching a course that is jam-packed with valuable information.”</b> – Maya


It's time to turn your business around.


Get ready to find the customers you need – and attract them with real strategy.

Get ready to reinvigorate your business.

Get ready to reinvent your brand.

Get ready to rediscover your love for what you do.

Get ready to Shape a Brand that Sells and turn your business into what you always wished it could become.





“I was a little skeptical about initially signing up for the course because I wasn't necessarily unhappy with my original logo. However, this is really a BRAND course, not just a logo creation course! Going through the easy to understand steps REALLY helped me create a vision and ideal client for my business. From there I was able to build on the logo, sublogo, color palette and overall feel for my brand. Kristen, Avery and the whole gang at HDco were SUPER accessible and provided great feedback and coaching along the way.”</b> – Stacie, Rogue Studios



Q: How much time do I have left to get $346 off?

Your timer is ticking! Grab the course here before time runs out.

Q: What exactly is in Shape a Brand that Sells?

Shape a Brand that Sells is my step-by-step training program that will have you building a brand that actually works for you in just four modules.

The secret? Learning from all my years of mistakes to craft a foundation that puts the needs and drives of your CUSTOMER above all else.

Which is exactly opposite of what so many career bloggers, who have been far removed from the real world of day-to-day sales would have you do instead.

In Shape a Brand that Sells, you’ll orient your whole business approach around your DREAM client and use them as a guiding beacon to create a brand that SELLS. You’ll make:

  • Dream Customer Psychology & Motivation Profile
  • A Brand Vision Board to give your business a clear, strategic FOCUS
  • A Complete Color Palette
  • An Original, High-Quality Logo
  • Sublogos
  • Watermarks
  • A Final Brand Board
  • Marketing Graphics to Spread Across the Web

Q: Are there any bonuses?

Yes! When you purchase Shape a Brand that Sells through your personalized biltz deal, you'll also get 3 awesome bonuses: 

  • Bonus #1: FREE 22 BEST Blogging + Content Marketing Resources Ultimate Roundup
  • Bonus #2: FREE The Ultimate List of the BEST Google Fonts for your biz
  • Bonus #3: FREE Personal Recommendation Blog Post Template and Workbook

Q: How much does it cost?

 Shape a Brand that Sells usually sells for $495. But with this limited time blitz deal, you'll save $346, and get Shape a Brand that Sells for only $149.


Q: Do I need to have a design background?

No. We're going to guide you through essential design basics as you go.


Q: Is there a guarantee?

Yes, absolutely. If for any reason this course is not to your satisfaction, we will refund your full payment within 60 days of your purchase. Just send us an email.


Q: How is the product shipped? 

You will receive INSTANT, digital access to all videos, e-books, worksheets, downloads, resources, and quizzes... Which means that in just MINUTES from right now you could be well on your way to creating a business that actually SELLS.

There's nothing to ship, and you'll have access to the entire Shape a Brand that Sells instantly.


Q: Where can I get a copy of Shape a Brand that Sells?

Here's where you can get started: CLICK HERE for Shape a Brand that Sells.


Q: Do I need special software, like Photoshop or Illustrator?

No. We use only free, online resources that create KILLER brands, WITHOUT the insane learning curve of professional design programs. This keeps your cost down to actually afford your brand, instead of buying expensive software you'll probably not use.


Q: How much time will this take me?

We recommend spending 4 weeks for best results. That's one module per week – enough time to REALLY dive in and create the best brand possible. However, the course is self-paced; you can go as quickly or as slowly as you like.


Q: What design programs will I use?

You'll be using free, online programs from Google, as well as Canva.


More questions?


Lastly, if you STILL have any unanswered questions, here's what I recommend:

Because Shape a Brand that Sells is backed by a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee… It means you can start Shape a Brand that Sells 100% risk-free.

So don't try to decide if the course is right for you today...

Buy it.

Then try it out.

Try out the techniques to zoom in on your dream customer. Build your logo. Find your brand’s strength.

If you like it? Then keep it.

If not, all you need to do is send us a one-line email or give us a quick call letting us know, and you'll receive a 100% refund for every penny that you've paid.

No hoops to jump through or anything crazy like that.

So here's the link one last time: Buy Shape a Brand that Sells now.