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Web design, social media marketing, graphic design, advertising in Columbia, MO

Initial consultation

All projects for new clients start with a free face-to-face consultation.

We make sure this meeting is free and flexible to help us both decide if we are a good fit for each other and what service package is right for you. A face-to-face meeting also allows for us to explain our processes in person and get to know you and your biz.

It's just the first step in a journey to creating a brand strategy that's perfect for your business.


Investment: $1,750

Web design, social media marketing, graphic design, advertising in Columbia, MO

What's included: Consultation and concept meeting • Branding Workbook • Vision Board • 3+ logo concepts with up to 3 revisions • Final Logo • Final Brand Board • Custom Home Base brand page with all files at your fingertips in vector and raster formats.

Branding is a big word that often gets confused with logo design. The two are related, but a brand goes much further than a logo!

At Hoot, we approach our clients' brands with the careful love and attention we give to our own brand. Your business is your baby, and no one wants to hang out with an ugly baby. We've honed our design process over the years, and have come to a perfect place where collaboration and creativity thrive together.

Here's how a branding project progresses:

Step 1 • Project Intake:

We start by giving you our custom Branding Workbook to get started. Completing our signature Branding Workbook is critical to the success of your branding project because it gives us an in-depth look at your target market, the mission of your company and your objectives. The essential information we gather through your Branding Workbook lays the foundation for every step of the branding process. 

Within the Workbook, we have a simple question-and-answer format complete with examples to help you tackle the questions. And, if necessary, we even meet in person to help you finish this critical step.

Step 2 • Vision Board:

Next, we create a unique-to-you brand Vision Board. Your Vision Board brings together images, textures, colors, and patterns to give an initial glimpse into your visual brand and guide the rest of our progress forward. You can see samples of Vision Boards throughout our branding portfolio to get a sense of what they are.

We include this step because it's critical that we're both are on the same visual page. We've found throughout our years of branding experience that terms can be very subjective: What is "vintage" to one person might seem "modern" to another. But by creating a visual mood board we make sure that we are moving forward together and that when you see our logo concepts they fit the visual theme of this board.

Step 3 • Logo Concepts:

The next step in the branding process is nailing down your logo. We provide a minimum of three logo concepts which we finesse until you are 100% thrilled and ready to show your new baby to anyone who will listen. This step in the process usually takes 2-3 rounds of revisions to finalize.

Step 4 • Your Final Brand Guide and Custom Home Base:

This is a CRITICAL step in the process, and so exciting to complete with our clients! Your full brand is so much more than just your logo. And after we have your Vision Board and your logo completed, we move onto perfecting your final Brand Guide.

This step is where we lay out your color palette, your fonts and graphic elements that inform your brand moving forward into the real world! Without the Brand Guide, your logo is like a great pair of shoes without the rest of the outfit. Incomplete!

After we wrap up your Brand Guide, we create a Home Base page for your business so that all of these assets are at your fingertips 24/7. We believe you should ALWAYS have access to your files from anywhere at anytime. After all, this is YOUR baby!


Investment: $3,450 + HootCamp Workshop

Web design, social media marketing, graphic design, advertising in Columbia, MO
We're committed to designing and implementing a full website that's perfectly branded and 100% editable.

So now that you have your brand baby and are ready to share it with the world, the first place the world is going to look is online. We craft beautiful, branded, badass websites using Squarespace, which provides an incredible value, user-friendly navigation, and the most convenient backend experience available on the market. 

We know it's absolutely imperative that YOU have full control over your content. If you can't update your own website, you can't keep it current, online or at the forefront of your customers' minds. Not having full control over your own site is like trying to swim with your hands tied behind your back!

That's why we create beautiful, functional, and on-brand sites for our clients using Squarespace. Thanks to Squarespace's amazingly user-friendly backend, YOU will be able to make content changes as often as you need, with no coding familiarity or frustrating functionality issues. Gone are the days of week-long requests to update a price or product offering. It's all within your reach now!

Here's how our Web Design process works:

Step 1 • Site Map: 

We sit down with you to go over your current site (if you have one), analyze your needs, and to map the new, improved website we'll be building.

Step 2 • Website Production: 

We build your site! This price includes image editing and copy editing to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward.

Step 3 • Education (HootCamp Workshop): 

Education is the most important part of launching a successful website! Step 3 is making sure you're fully comfortable with your new site. We'll walk you through editing your content, adding more content, and creating perfectly branded graphics in a one-on-one customized HootCamp workshop.


Investment: $1,500

Web design, social media marketing, graphic design, advertising in Columbia, MO
HootCamp: A one-day branding workshop and instructional session where you have our full attention all day long.

HootCamp Workshop: With a HootCamp Workshop, your website production process culminates in a one day branding workshop that can include professional head shots, educational sessions on creating on-brand materials and leveraging your brand on social media, and a full instructional session on Squarespace.

The HootCamp Experience:

When you come in for your HootCamp experience, you'll be spending the day face-to-face with us in our light-drenched design studio situated Columbia's beautiful North Village Arts District, or on site in your space with a larger team. 

We'll begin the day with a professional head shot session for you by SilverBox Photographers where we'll capture the perfect pics to take your site to the next level. You'll then be treated to a fun and engaging hour-long branding education session where we teach you how to leverage your new brand through creating awesome on-brand visuals online and marketing your brand on social media.

Next we'll review your new site together, take note of any edits, and then break for lunch. Back in the studio, we'll coach you through learning how to use Squarespace so that you can fully control your business destiny. Finally, your site will launch that day with a fantastic toast of champaign and your sparkly new head shots.

retainer marketing services

Investment: $75/hour

Web design, social media marketing, graphic design, advertising in Columbia, MO

Now that you have all of the tools you need to land more clients and earn more money, you might be too busy to handle all of this marketing stuff!

Our motto is learn the business, build the brand, and grow with the client.

And that's for a reason: We absolutely love growing with our clients and their new brand babies. We also love long-term relationships (wine-lunches anyone?) and offer a discount on our hourly services to our clients who purchase a minimum of 8 hours a month. We believe this is the minimum number of hours we can offer to really make a difference in your business, whether that is training staff members on social media, creating e-newsletters or crafting some amazing, eye-catching graphics. Our retainer clients are our top priority and always have a prime spot on our calendar.


Let us know! We're happy to answer any questions you may have and set up an initial consultation session. Contact us to get started!