Our Courses Put YOU First.

A friend once asked me "Why do you give away all your secrets? Aren't you worried that sharing your knowledge with clients will put you out of business?"

Not a chance.

Forming genuine, personal relationships with clients we LOVE has always been our real passion in business. And a genuine relationship means no secrecy or manipulation: for you and your business to succeed, you deserve the best information, the best tools, and the best support we can offer. And that's exactly what we deliver with our signature educational workshops and ecourses.

We believe in educating you to OWN your brand.

We're fed up with seeing amazing business owners' hands tied when it comes to updating their websites or posting to social media. We're tired of seeing these businesses' brands fall apart because their designer failed to give them essential tools to manage their brand. We're sick of standing by as these businesses struggle to engage clients and make the sales they need to succeed.

• • • No More! • • • 

It's time for a change. We refuse to stand by while incredible businesses struggle without access to the essential tools they need. 

That's why we created HootCamp.

HootCamp is a family of workshops, courses, and resources designed specifically for small businesses.
From top to bottom, we've crafted HootCamp according to your needs

You know how important it is to invest in your brand, but you're pressed for time. You're pulled in all directions. You're trying to do it all yourself. You don't have a background in design, but you know you need to put your best face forward to reach your audience. You want to build your marketing strategy but find yourself lost in all the options and complications you run into. You may not even know where to start! 

And that's okay. We know you're stretched. We know what it's like to try to balance business, life, and who knows what else – because we've been through it all too.

Our HootCamp workshops and courses are built to empower you
to take control of your business communications.

Whether it's through one-on-one sessions with us in-studio, full staff educational workshops at your own location, or at-your-own-pace e courses, we're committed to helping you learn, do and grow better in business.

What our clients are saying:

"We loved HootCamp!

It was such an empowering day, full of information and details that we feel are the key to keeping our business on the cutting edge of social media. Kristen is extremely patient and able to inform in a way that is non threatening to the average person! We would highly recommend it!" 

Christy Huggans, owner of The Strand Salon and Spa

We're giving away our pro tips, strategies, and processes to you because we know your business is worth it. When we work together to raise each other up, we all benefit. 

Let's get started together.

Welcome to HootCamp.